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We currently offer the following Health and Fitness services:

Fitness Assessment

Every new member at Victory will participate in a two part assessment with a Fitness Professional. This focuses on identifying the client's strengths, as well as areas where improvement is needed. It will also allow us to tailor the appropriate workout program or fitness training based on your needs, goals, and abilities. The process begins by looking at your health history, personal

The process begins by looking at your health history, personal goals, and nutritional habits. A Fitness Professional will then conduct a Kinetic-Chain Assessment to test you posture, range of motion, and flexibility. In the second part of the assessment, the Trainer will take you through a workout specifically designed to address your needs and goals. To better prepare you for long term success, this session focuses on the proper technique of each exercise, rather than the specific workload.

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Personal Training

If you are looking to make a positive change in your lifestyle, or simply to maintain a healthy fitness regime, our Fitness Professionals are here to help. After conducting a Fitness Assessment, your Trainer will outline a long term plan for your success, and schedule on going sessions to keep you on track. This plan may include nutritional counseling, a fitness program, or a combination of several different approaches.

Working with a Trainer has several benefits. These include: a Trainer's ability to properly adjust the workout based on current progress, his or her mutual commitment to your success, and his or her specific intention to make the workout a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Group Training

If you would love to do a personalized routine, but favor a social atmosphere, Group Training is a good choice. Clients are encouraged to work with friends or family, or we can place you with an existing group with similar goals. Group fitness has the added benefit of making workouts a social activity, while also providing the support system you wouldn't find at a normal gym.

To start a group, or join an existing one: Contact Us

Also see our Impact 8 Group Training page.

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Silver Sneakers Program

As part of our goal to provide a positive mature adult experience, Victory is proud to be a member of the nation's leading fitness program for seniors. Our Silver Sneakers members receive the same benefits as our traditional members, and in addition have access to our Silver Sneakers Fitness Classes, monthly seminars, and seasonal social events. Senior fitness is especially important, and we aim to provide the best environment for fitness programs for all ages.

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Group Fitness

Victory has a growing array of group fitness opportunities that take place at regular intervals here at the gym. These include:

Boot Camp:
An eight week progression of ground based functional exercises, organized into specific circuits to maximize active recovery periods.
Express Burn:
A light-to-moderate intensity workout based on small circuits of free weights and aerobic exercise.
A long time leader in the Group Fitness Industry, and a fun and exciting experience: Find out more about Jazzercise at
Tai Chi:
Focusing on slow and precise movements, Tai Chi teaches students relaxation, balance, and body awareness.

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Corporate Wellness Programs

With a growing staff of experienced and knowledgeable fitness professionals, Victory has the tools to help your company improve the quality of life for your employees through our fitness center. This is done by using a combination of fitness opportunities, nutritional guidance and seminars, and corporate wellness initiatives. Our staff will work closely with your company to outline and implement a program to address common health and fitness issues in your industry, and provide services to deal with your employees' personal wellness needs. Corporate fitness memberships to our gym are also available.

For more information on how we can help your business: Contact Us

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Life Revolution Tae Kwon Do

We teach the martial art Tae Kwon Do. Our motto is "The Place Where Life Champions Are Born". We believe that martial arts develops, through physical activities, each person's character in a positive way that will benefit them throughout their life. Karate is more than punching and kicking: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control and Indomitable Spirit are the 5 tenets of Taekwondo. Join us today and you say tomorrow: "I can do it!" to any of your goals!

For more information, please see

Also see our Life Revolution Tae Kwon Do Page.

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Kids Corner

Introducing the Winners Program, a customized exercise system designed to enhance youth fitness. The objective of Winners' is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through fun, dynamic exercise. The Winners staff is comprised of certified youth specialists possessing a passion for children, fitness, and education. Winners' participants will be exposed to a wellness centered curriculum designed to instill healthy habits via spirited instruction. This kids' fitness program will impact the health of children now, and will inspire them to practice good habits in the future.

Also see our Winners Page.

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