Sports Performance

Here at Victory our approach to Sports Performance is both unique and dynamic. We believe the interdependence of appropriate exercise, proper nutrition and injury prevention makes truly effective sports training. We incorporate all three of these aspects into programs here at our fitness center that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

After conducting a Sports Performance Assessment, our Performance Coaches will compile a fitness program for you, integrating exercises to increase your functional strength, speed, agility, balance, special awareness and reaction time. We will teach you to perform these specific functional movements with precision and consistency.

In addition, we provide nutritional counseling that will help you better understand the nutrient demands of different sports activities. By combining an appropriate workout with proper nutrition, you can increase your energy levels and endurance, while decreasing recovery time.

The final aspect to Sports Performance Training at Victory is our commitment to injury prevention and maintenance. We specialize in helping you prepare your body to handle the physical demands of your sport. By strengthening vulnerable joints, practicing dynamic warm-up techniques, and consistently stretching key muscle groups, you can prevent many common injuries from occurring and avoid surgery when they do occur.

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