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We currently offer the following Sports Performance services:

Personal Training

If you are looking to make a positive change in your lifestyle, or simply to maintain a healthy fitness regime, our Fitness Professionals are here to help. After conducting a Fitness Assessment, your Trainer will outline a long term plan for your success, and schedule on going sessions to keep you on track. This plan may include nutritional counseling, a fitness program, or a combination of several different approaches.

Working with a Trainer has several benefits. These include: a Trainer's ability to properly adjust the workout based on current progress, his or her mutual commitment to your success, and his or her specific intention to make the workout a positive and enjoyable experience.

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Sports Performance Assessment

Each fitness program begins with a detailed assessment of your health history, goals and nutritional habits. Our Performance Coach will then conduct a Kinetic Chain Assessment which tests your posture, range of motion and flexibility. This helps us identify any potential imbalances that may hinder your performance. Finally, our Performance Coach will conduct a functional movement test, which allows them to identify your baseline athletic ability in order to gauge future progress.

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Group Training

In these hour long sessions, three to six athletes with similar goals and ability levels can train together with a Performance Coach here at the gym. Group fitness training allows each athlete to work in a competitive atmosphere while taking advantage of the encouragement of their peers.

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Individual Training

Training and exercise with a Performance Coach on an individual basis provides you with focused attention, and the best opportunity to excel. Depending on the needs and abilities you have, training sessions may range from half an hour to an hour in length.

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Speed and Agility Classes

Running in four week cycles, these hour long classes meet twice a week, focusing on the finer points of Speed and Agility training. Performance Coaches will conduct group drills that will improve your linear acceleration, give you a quicker first step, and teach you to maintain speed while changing direction. In addition they will teach the class optimum athletic posture and how it applies to your specific sport.

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Team Camps

At Victory, we also offer Team-Based Sports Performance Training. Team training allows coaches to bring in our Performance Coaches to train the entire team in specific areas of sports performance. These topics include: Speed and Agility, Olympic Lifting, Sports Nutrition, Coaches Clinics, as well as others.

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